Why I Wish I Could Fire Clients

Sometimes I wish I would fire clients.  Sure they pay the bills, and I would go out of business without them.  But, sometimes there are problem clients.  We all know those clients – the ones that demand an excessive amount of your time, are rarely happy, and complain about your bills on a regular basis. When it comes to these clients, sometimes I wish I could just give them the boot.  But I can’t.  Alas, I am condemned to service these problem-children for eternity (luckily they are a fraction of my client base).

Even though I do not make a practice of firing clients, there are some core business reasons for firing clients and, should your client fit one of these profiles, this article by Thursday Bram gives advice on how to go about firing that client.  In the end, sometimes it’s just not healthy for the business or the client to be in an unhappy relationship.

Linked article by Thursday Bram.


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