Technology accounting – find your technology CFO

Technology accounting and technology financial services require a specific skillset.  DAS can help by utilizing a technology CFO or technology accountant.  DAS can also help with technology financing and technology budgeting.

No other sector requires more rapid response capabilities and instant expertise than technology.

In an industry fueled by innovation and change, it is mandatory for technology companies to remain cutting edge and competitive at the global level. Tech firms must ensure their financial management practices generate powerful growth to help them seize opportunities and capture market share. The DAS team can provide your technology business with the industry’s most nimble and IT-savvy CFOs and CFO support staff available in today’s evolving workforce.

At DAS, our outsourced CFOs will provide your growing business with top financial management services utilizing the most innovative methodologies, and always with an eye toward capacity management and ROI (return on investment).  We can also help you permanently place the most qualified CFO for your long-range business needs.

Whether you require an expert in taxation, financial management, investment or risk, our CFO and CFO support staff deliver enduring, practical solutions to help your business meet its long- and short term goals for growth in the robust technology marketplace.