Professional Employer Organization – PEO services and PEO consulting

Professional Employer Organization, or PEO Companies, provide PEO services which include payroll and human resource outsourcing.  DAS can help with PEO consulting.  DAS has helped numerous PEOs grow and thrive.

Today’s companies are searching for new ways to staff and manage their resources that yields increased profits and growth.

DAS can help your firm outsource time-consuming and costly employee management tasks including employee benefits management, payroll, workers’ compensation, recruitment, training, and staff development. We can assist your business with hiring new employees, income tax management, and insurance programs.

We can also partner with your firm to help you devise winning sales strategies and identify new markets for your business. Our sales strategy experts can help you break into new markets, determine which services your firm should offer, measure your sales forces’ success, and establish metrics that can assist you and your team in making the right moves to reach your business goals.

DAS industry experts can also help you determine the very best pricing strategy for your business, and provide you with clear, high impact messaging designed to attract new customers and expand your company’s footprint on the pathway to success.