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Fix accounting problems with accounting training

Let DAS fix accounting with Controller training, accounting training, or an assistant CFO.  Cost accounting and management are simplified for your organization through accountant assistance, CFO training, and outsourced CFO services.

Have you ever asked yourself what is the best use of a CEO’s time?  Is it…

  • Personally dealing with accounting-related issues?
  • Repeatedly trying to answer the same financial questions, but not getting trustworthy answers?
  • Taking financial matters into his/her own hands?
  • Worrying about the company finances?

If you add up all the hours that most CEOs spend on managing, dealing with, and worrying about the company’s accounting, the amount of time is staggering.  What if that time was spent on growing your business?


Save Time, Stay in Control

The award-winning DAS 2-Step Tune Up is designed to help you stay in control of your company’s finances without having to manage every detail yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you have a full accounting department or only a part-time bookkeeper, DAS applies fast, smart, high-level CFO thinking to any accounting department.  This removes the burden of hands-on financial management from leadership, freeing up hours of time that will now be better spent on growing the business instead of managing the accounting.


DAS Saves Time for CEOs

Whether your company has a CFO or not, DAS can apply fast, smart, high-level CFO thinking to any accounting department, remove the burden of hands-on financial management from leadership, and free up hours of time better spent on growing your business instead of managing your accounting.

With more time available you can apply yourself to product development, sales, and deal-making.  You can hit goals you’ve aimed at for years, but never had enough time to act on.

Best of all, DAS helps you stay in control your company’s finances without having to manage every detail yourself.  You get timely, accurate reports of your company’s financial status so you can grow your business based on sound financial processes.

And the DAS 2-Step Tune Up will get you there.

What’s the DAS guarantee?  Our CFO support services help you save time on financial management, and stay in control of your company’s finances.

And it starts with the DAS 2-Step Tune Up.


The DAS 2-Step Tune Up

For over 12 years DAS has been helping hundreds of companies rethink, recharge and revitalize their accounting departments.  The 2-Step Tune Up helps you solve years of problems in two easy-to-manage, easy-to-apply steps.  Whether you are a small business with only a part-time bookkeeper, a not-for-profit organization with an understaffed finance department, or a large organization that utilizes a fully-staffed accounting team, the DAS 2-Step Tune Up can help your accounting department take on more…immediately!


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: The Download

Ask for the 2-Step Tune Up and we begin by learning about your business and accounting department.  We utilize our proprietary information gathering process to determine which components of your accounting department and financial processes that are working, need improvement, or are holding your company back.

CEO Time Required for Step 1: 5-15 minutes

Step 2: The Upload

Following step 1, the DAS team analyzes the information we obtained applying decades of high level CFO experience, tactics, and understanding.  We utilize this analysis to facilitate a discussion of our analysis with you, where we address your most pressing needs as well as our concerns.  During this discussion we agree to a concise series of achievable action steps that are designed to help you and your company immediately, aligning your company’s accounting resources with the training, staffing, and development they need to succeed.

CEO Time Required for Step 2: 60-90 minutes


Why Should I Consider the DAS 2-Step Tune Up?

The DAS 2-Step Tune Up helps create more powerful accounting departments, which means accounting is:

1. SELF-SUFFICIENT, independently providing the CEO and management team the financial information they need to run the company, allowing the CEO and management team to focus their energies on growing the company instead of managing day-to-day company finances.

2. PROFIT-DRIVER; able to identify and capitalize on money-saving and money-making financial management opportunities.

3. PROACTIVE, actively looking for ways to circumvent future problems and constantly looking for ways to improve the business.

4. An accounting department that is powerful is CREATIVE, and can generate out-of-the-box thinking to develop strategies and tactics to overcome a company’s financial challenges.

5. An accounting department that is powerful is CONTROLLED, utilizing predictable and disciplined processes that minimize the likelihood of errors or fraud.

6. An accounting department that is powerful is FORWARD-THINKING, planning for the future with the realization that the decisions and actions of today will shape the future of the organization.

7. An accounting department that is powerful is EFFECTIVE at doing tasks accurately andEFFICIENT in doing those tasks in reasonable amount of time/cost.

8. An accounting department that is powerful is COMPLIANT, meeting government, lender, and stakeholder financial reporting requirements.

Invest 2 hours of your time to begin benefiting from an accounting department that pulls you forward instead of holding you back.


Success Stories

Client Testimonial

“The DAS 2-Step Tune Up provided us with a jump start to streamlining our financial management processes and our strategic planning. The insight into more effective accounting controls, cash forecasting methods, and process documentation helped immediately.

Our accounting processes were limited to what we built internally, with the input of a staff accounting assistant and the founder of the Company. While maintaining profitability and focus on our core business, our financial controls and forecasting were lacking. The DAS 2-Step Tune Up provided us with a unique view of our areas for improvement and with easy to implement actions that have made our financial processes more efficient and useful. ”

Steve Williams, President
EctoHR, Inc.

Accounting Manager Testimonial

“When I learned the CEO engaged DAS to help improve our accounting department I became immediately concerned.”  Why did he hire DAS and what does this mean to me?  I thought I was doing a good job.  Am I being fired?

However, I soon learned that the DAS 2-Step Tune Up is very informative and beneficial.  The process is not about blame, it’s about building a plan to meet the organization’s accounting and finance needs.  It was also very interesting to learn that the CEO was unaware of a lot of the work I was already doing!  I now feel more equipped to manage the challenge of growing the accounting department in a way that will meet the needs of our growing organization.”

Debbie Mathison, Accounting Manager
Salus Group


What Types of Businesses Benefit from the DAS 2-Step Tune Up?

Whether you have a fully staffed accounting department or are doing all of the accounting yourself, the DAS 2-Step Tune Up can help you build a powerful, self-sufficient accounting department.  Every business and company is different.  And each 2-Step Tune Up is customized to fit the specific needs of any organization.


Special Limited Time Pricing

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Our Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your DAS 2-Step Tune up we will give you a complete refund, guaranteed.

Do you have questions?  Want to know more about the 2-Step Tune Up?  Or about our money-back guarantee?  Call DAS today at (800) 440-5266 and we would be happy to answer all of your questions.

The DAS 2 Step Tune Up

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