About Ren Carlton

Who is Ren Carlton?

“Ren’s knowledge of what it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed is an obvious benefit for his audience.”
Todd Hohauser, President
Harvey Hohauser & Associates

Ren began his professional career immediately after high school in sales and marketing. Once he graduated from college, he earned his CPA license and served as CFO for a Tier 1 manufacturing company. His drive passion for business led me to leave my position as CFO to pursue a number of entrepreneurial opportunities.  Ren now actively launches/acquires, grows, and sells businesses. In addition, Ren also enjoys helping entrepreneurs pursue bold, fearless goals. Along the way Ren has hosted an award-winning radio show, written a successful book, and presented to various groups throughout the United States.

Throughout Ren’s career he has been fortunate enough to receive the following awards and recognitions:

• Leader and Innovator by Lawrence Technological University – 2014

• Crain’s Detroit Business “40 Under 40” award – 2012

• DBusiness “30 in Their Thirties” – 2011

• Corp! Magazine “Best of Michigan Business” (Dynamic Advisory Solutions) – 2009

• Small Business Council of America, “Best of Business” (Dynamic Advisory Solutions) – 2009

• Corp! Magazine “Entrepreneur of Distinction” – 2008

• Small Business Administration (SBA) “Small Business Journalist of the Year” (Business Realty Network) – 2007

Ren has contributed his expertise to numerous non-profit organizations, including the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) Ethics Task Force, the Detroit Chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Board of Directors, and the Troy Community Foundation Board of Directors. Ren is also a member of Oakland Hills Country Club, and enjoys golf, chess, poker, and martial arts.


“Ren has well earned his recognition as 2007 Michigan Small Business Journalist of the Year as the dynamic and personable host of the radio program Business Reality Network. His show is very informative and interesting for entrepreneurs and small business owners.”

Tim Burns, Public Affairs Director
Better Business Bureau

“Ren is extremely professional, a great personality, and extremely knowledgeable.”

Ronald Rich, President
Ronald B. Rich & Associates

“Ren`s knowledge of what it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed is an obvious benefit for his audience.”

Todd Hohauser, President
Harvey Hohauser & Associates

Profitpreneurship – #1 on Amazon!

Profitpreneurship – Creating a Business that Produces Outstanding Financial Results” debuted as the #1 Business Plans book on Amazon.com on May 11, 2010!

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What Do Our Readers Have to Say?

“I think the book is excellent. The portion on cooking the books is not taught in school until you reach the MBA level. I think there may be more practical knowledge dispensed in your book than there are in most business schools.”

Bob Declercq, Wealth Advisor and Certified Investment Management Analyst®
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“I used his simple DAS 6 step profit process to help increase profits in two family members companies. His book also helped me to make a few smart investments and avoid some bad ones myself. Personally I loved the straightforward and blunt attitude Carlton portrays in this book.”

Ken Mohamed, Student
Wayne State University School of Business

“Loved it! Carlton writes in a manner which appeals to seasoned business owners and newbies like myself. Honest, right to the point, helpful, and easy to follow. Great book.”

Bernadette, therapybusiness
Amazon Review

“I want to first say Bravo for the author`s courage to write a provocative chapter on “How to legally `Cook the books`.” I bet most writers would just avoid that topic completely. I agree with most of the things that he has to say, like the roles of one`s financial management team and the standards for employee scorecards. Profit is such an important aspect, especially in small businesses. If that is a major surprise to you then you should get a copy of ‘Profitpreneurship’ immediately or get out of business (it`s not for you). I joke but Carlton does a great job of taking a simple concept and giving you actionable items to actually increase profitability.”

A Kid`s Review,
Amazon Review

“I liked the book a lot. In ‘Profitpreneurship’, the author examines multiple problems that businesses face in their markets. The chapter that talks about how to utilize employees is especially insightful. It specifically analyzes an employee`s incentive to make contribution and how the employer can utilize that element to bolster a successful business. I will say I disagree with “cooking the books” terminology, he should have called it polishing the books, because that`s what it teaches you. Cooking is such a dirty word these days. Overall: Good? No. Outstanding? Yes!”

I. Chen
Amazon Review

“I found the strategies in this book easily transferable to my family`s business. My father said the use of dashboard was a ‘breath of fresh air.’ The ideas are presented in an organized and easy-to-understand fashion. The book is intelligent without the enigmatic use of Ph.D or D.B.A. jargons.”

T. Jao
Amazon Review

“Very well done. The author clearly defines what`s wrong with small businesses. He talks about ways to improve businesses` performance, such as smart financing and productive use of employees. The niche for small businesses is like a warzone; an owner has to tread on a pile of dead businesses to rise and shine. ‘Profitpreneurship’ will teach you how to be a strong survivor.”

Amazon Review

“I was reading the Amazon`s Look Inside and completely fell in love with the text. I find ‘Profitpreneurship’ very relatable to my own experience with top management. Looking at the big picture doesn`t mean you should give up the detailed attention you paid on any given sector of your business; rather, it means that you should see the other sectors that you`ve been ignoring for so long and pay them the attention they`ve been missing The book covers a multitude of domains, including budgeting, employee, and financial management. I simply adore how one doesn`t have to pay a ridiculous sum of money for an MBA course when they could learn the same insight by simply buying a copy of this book. Not to mention it`s a heck of a lot easier to understand than my professors were.”

Amazon Review

“I`m a business school student. I thought that this book was really simple to read, but it provides really good insight on how to be a successful entrepreneur, which is what I eventually want to do. The author uses income statements to illustrate his point, which I found really helpful. I especially liked how the author uses a light tone and a first person view, unlike the textbooks I have to read all the time.If you`re looking to start your own business I would strongly recommend you this book.”

Lucas F.
Amazon Review


Third Party Write-up – Profitpreneurship

We live in difficult economic times, but does difficult mean that a business must fail? According to Ren J. Carlton in his motivatingand thought-provoking book, Profitpreneurship: Creating a Business that Produces Outstanding Financial Results, new businesses can succeed and failing businesses can rebound.

But how? Carlton pulls from his vast experience as a CPA, corporate CFO, and founder of Dynamic Advisory Solutions (DAS), a successful management consulting firm. The author takes readers through the highly organized and logical DAS Profit Process™, a system developed by the author to help companies attain financial success. Step by step, readers learn vital information pertaining to the basics of business development. Carlton explores the need for writing a viable plan and setting goals. He also delves into creating dashboards (the Tahiti Report!) and employee scorecards, designed to gauge the productivity of each member of the team. He makes compelling arguments for smart financing and focused accountability. From managing growth and finances to managing people, the author covers all the bases in this hands-on and highly practical guide.

Table of Contents – Profitpreneurship

  • Introduction Creating a Profit-Driven Business
  • Chapter 1 The Case for Profitpreneurship – When Greed is Good
  • Chapter 2 Budgeting – Setting Powerful Targets
  • Chapter 3 Dashboards – The Numbers That Drive Your Business
  • Chapter 4 Employee Scorecards – Maximizing Employee Performance
  • Chapter 5 Cooking the Books – Helping Your Business Shine
  • Chapter 6 Financing – Securing the Cash Your Business Needs
  • Chapter 7 Financial Management – Building Your Profit Team
  • Conclusion Time to Execute!

Purchasing Information – Profitpreneurship

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