Real estate accounting – find your real estate accountant with DAS

Real estate accounting can be challenging, and it normally requires a real estate accountant or a real estate CPA.  It may also require the use of real estate accounting software.  DAS can help.  We can also help with financing real estate investments, real estate financial analysis, real estate strategic planning, and real estate acquisition analysis.

The real estate industry is diverse and complex.  With challenging economic times still ahead, a wide range of professional services, finance, insurance, real estate investment and development firms have many critical business decisions to make if they are to reach their business and financial management goals.

All it takes is a quick scan of the business news headlines to bring into sharp focus the mounting issues faced by the real estate industry. Liquidity, risk management, looming regulatory reform, infrastructure planning and development, or internal issues highlighted by expansion or consolidation are just some of the concerns being discussed and dealt with inside the executive suites of successful real estate practices around the world.

DAS can provide your firm with exceptional CFO talent and services designed to fit your organization’s changing needs. We can meet your individual staffing needs by providing you with a highly qualified CFO that fits your requirements for availability, experience and industry expertise.  We can meet your organizational needs by supplying you with an array of financial management, accounting, and business planning experts who can assist your firm with realizing its business goals, setting the bar even higher so that new achievements can be realized.

Choosing the right partner to help meet these critical business challenges may be the most important business decision you make.  Contact DAS today to ensure you make the right moves for your real estate business.