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There Are 3 Ways to Partner with DAS … Choose which is right for you!

If DAS sounds like an organization that could help you and your customers, there are 3 ways we can work with you.

Become a DAS Sales Representative
This is the easiest and quickest way to earn money fast while introducing DAS services.

Become an Affiliate Representative
This is a slightly deeper dive, where you receive 2 days of training from DAS leadership and become a DAS Affiliate Representative. No office is required. DAS does all the work … your only responsibility is generating leads and contacting prospects. You will be listed by name as one of our Affiliates on our website

Establish an Affiliate DAS Office
This opportunity is, in effect, a franchise. You will participate in 2 weeks of training, after which you will open a DAS office in your locale. Franchise rules would apply; you would own the franchise and be able to grow the franchise and/or acquire additional DAS franchises outside your territory. Your DAS franchise and your name would be listed on

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