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LinkedIn, if used appropriately, can increase the revenue of a company. Social networking is often used as a simple, informal channel of communication; however, companies are now starting to realize that social networking is a powerful tool to promote a brand and increase sales.


LinkedIn Profile – Online Resume or Marketing Tool

LinkedIn was started in 2002 and officially launched on May 5, 2003. The company has become the world’s largest professional online network with over 135 million members in more than 200 countries. Many professionals join in LinkedIn groups, of which there are more than 2 million, so as to share knowledge and insights. As of November 2011, over 2 million companies had LinkedIn Company Pages.   There are 12 languages currently available on LinkedIn. These include: French, Germany, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, English, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Romanian and Turkish. This makes LinkedIn a global social network where companies can get professionals to work for them from any part of the world. Thus, companies can create professional LinkedIn pages and attract the most qualified candidates worldwide

What Works and How It Is Done

There is no doubt that many companies are using social business to promote their products/services. The latest reports have shown the following:

  • The percentage of companies expecting to use social media for promotional activities pertaining to their business will rise from 71 percent to 83 percent in the next two years.
  • The number of companies expecting to use social strategies to generate sales leads and revenue will increase drastically. Today, 51 percent of companies use social strategies to generate leads and revenue, while 74 percent are planning to get on board in the next two years.
  • Post-sales support is expected to increase from the current 46 percent to 69 percent in the next two years. Each company has at least one social sales system.


Sales System – The Best Marketing Tools for Acquiring New Customers

Every company wants to apply the best marketing tools available to acquire new customers. A study was conducted to establish some of these tools. 62 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) were asked to give their views on the best marketing tools that worked for them and the ones that didn’t work. The following results were recorded:   What NOT to use From the SME’s responses, the following tools were not recommended as a means of attracting new customers:

  • Call centers
  • Price cuts
  • Cold calling

The top three marketing tools that work The following are the three tools that were named to be the best for marketing, especially when looking for new customers:

  • Face to face networking: 84% of companies stated that face to face networking worked for them and would always use it when searching for new customers.
  • Partners and referrals: 80% of individuals and companies rated partners and referrals as “Good”, or “Very Good”.
  • Content: 76% of the people interviewed stated that creating and distributing compelling content in various forms helped them to acquire new customers.

From this information, it is clear that a combination of approaches if the best way to target your customer. The author recommends the following approach for obtaining new customers:

  • Use LinkedIn to identity potential customers.
  • Delivering appropriate content to the potential customers through various marketing tools.
  • Getting face to face meetings with potential customers.
  • Delivering better products and services in order to get more referrals and partners.


LinkedIn Profile Writing System – Why Everyone Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

  • It’s a way of getting your profile online. Your profile looks professional and is very easy to update. Some commentators see the LinkedIn profile as a replacement for the traditional CV. It will ensure that people find you on the web, as Google loves it. For those who already have an online presence, it can improve your ratings and increase the chances of you being found.
  • It gives more information than a traditional CV. It shows the extent of your network and recommendations from others, plus easy links to other online information that backs up your case.
  • It makes networking easy. As one independent consultant said: “it’s like they are making the networking aspect of freelancing too easy to fail.” It’s a useful database of your contacts that is easy to grow. It builds a professional community and reminds you of whom you know.
  • It gives you permission to keep in contact. If someone accepts your invitation to join your network, they are giving you permission to keep in touch. Using LinkedIn to keep in contact is a more personal and less intrusive method than email. It is a form of permission marketing; you can easily remove connections too.


Grow Your Network – Sarnoff’s Law

Undoubtedly, there is a direct relationship between the number of customers a company has and the volume of sales that the company makes. If a company has many customers, then it is like that their sales volume is higher. Sarnoff’s Law is attributed to David Sarnoff. David was an American businessman and pioneer of American commercial radio and television network. He was the founder of National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Sarnoff’s Law was created to relate the value of a radio station to the number of listeners. This law is of the view that network value is directly proportional to the number of listeners on that particular network. From a social network perspective, this theory simply implies that the more people are connected to a brand through social network, the more the effect in terms of brand awareness.


Accelerate Your Sales Cycle – How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

The truth is that a LinkedIn profile can be used to generate leads. Therefore, LinkedIn training such as profile writing should be taken serious. For you to benefit from LinkedIn as a tool to generate leads, you should understand the following social media attractions and distractions. Social media attractions

  • Making money
  • Gaining market share
  • Retaining customers
  • Building visibility

Social media distractions:

  • Fun and games
  • Friends and family
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Unrelated activities

You can use LinkedIn for both direct and indirect marketing campaigns by finding prospects via LinkedIn, but you need to build a relationship with the prospect first. The success of this approach will depend on your ability to connect with the prospect on a personal level, your ability to leverage mutual connections, and the strength of your value proposition.


Simplify Your Social Marketing Activities – How You Can Build a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

There are numerous ways to build an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign.  Below is a process you can use to build one yourself:

  • Plan: It entails identifying your marketing objectives and outcome for LinkedIn, designing your client profile, and creating a compelling LinkedIn profile.
  • Connect: It entails segmenting your contacts, identifying the best search criteria, and building your sales system of targeted leads.
  • Profit: It entails building a relationship with your clients, promoting your call to action, and systemizing and replicating the process.


Conclusion – LinkedIn Training and Sales System

Social media is an effective tool for promoting an organization by improving brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales. For this to be achieved, your sales team needs to have well-written LinkedIn profiles, a large network of relevant connections, and good content to distribute to potential clients.


About Rencat

Rencat is a digital marketing company that specializes in helping organizations use LinkedIn to increase sales.  Our LinkedIn training and sales system grows your referral base, accelerates your sales cycle, and simplifies your social marketing activities.

  • Grow your referral base by connecting with more prospects.
  • Accelerate your sales cycle by interacting with prospects that have common connections and interests.
  • Simplify your social marketing activities by using our proven services, resources, and processes.

Rencat’s services include:

  • LinkedIn Profile Analysis – Learn how to attract the people and companies that will benefit you the most using your LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement – Engage our team of professional writers in order to create the LinkedIn profile that is right for you.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Campaign – Leverage our services and resources to create a social marketing campaign that produces results.



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