CFO Mastermind Series – Feedback and Reviews

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This spring/summer I have been offering the new CFO Mastermind seminar series through the Michigan Association of CPAs (MACPA).  Currently, we have completed the two of the five seminars, and the participant reviews have been outstanding (4.5 out of 5.0 stars for both sessions)!   Here is what people are saying:

Ren is a great speaker and really tailored the material to the class.  I look forward to his next class.”

 “Great seminar.  The first time the seminar leader has had other speakers come in to talk about their area of expertise.  Ren put a lot of effort into his presentation.”

 “One of the best seminars I have attended.”

 “Great approach to introducing material, class participation and excellent content!  Everyone should walk away with something of value from this course!”

 “The instructor is well versed and interesting.  You can tell he knows the topic well, as the results are evident in his own company.” 

 “Very beneficial – great info.”

 “Excellent seminar and badly needed throughout organizations.”

If you missed these seminars, you still have three more chances to attend a CFO Mastermind series seminar.  Check out our website for complete details.