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NAIC Cybersecurity Panel Asked to Consider Using New York Rule After Draft Fails to Gain Consensus

DENVER – After three attempts at developing an insurance data security model act that failed to gain consensus, the chairman of a National Association of Insurance Commissioners panel said he’s listening to all suggestions — including New York’s new cybersecurity rule.

New York insurance Superintendent Maria Vullo, speaking at the NAIC’s Spring National Meeting, asked the cybersecurity working group to accept New York’s rule as the panel prepares for another round of deliberations. Panel Chairman Raymond Farmer, South Carolina’s insurance director, told Best’s News Service, “everything’s on the table.”

New York’s cybersecurity rule took effect March 1. Vullo said the cornerstone of the rule is a periodic risk assessment of information systems, which includes an annual penetration test of a covered entity’s information system based on risk, as well as biannual vulnerability assessments. The rule requires insurance companies and other financial services institutions to establish and maintain cybersecurity programs. Companies will hire a chief information security officer responsible for implementing and overseeing the program and enforcing cybersecurity policies (Best’s News Service, Feb. 17, 2017).

David Provost, deputy commissioner of the Vermont’s captive insurance division, suggested the panel move forward in an area of little disagreement between New York’s plan and the working group’s latest draft regarding having cybersecurity plans in place. Provost urged this part of the panel’s work be advanced quickly in order to deal with differences concerning notification processes and in what constitutes a breach.

Vullo noted differences between the New York rule and the latest working group draft. She said the NAIC draft baseline requirement to institute information-sharing practices in the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act were inadequate. Vullo said the New York rule does not conflict with the federal law.

She said New York’s rule requires notices of significant cybersecurity events within 72 hours of a determination the event is material and reportable. But the NAIC model requires notice of data breaches within three days of determining that a breach may have occurred. “We believe that ‘may’ is too vague to be workable in practice, leading to confusion over what is required to be submitted,” Vullo said. “And also quite frankly, as a regulator, I don’t want to get a lot of junk.”

She said the NAIC model encourages institutions to protect personal information by encryption or other means for wireless data transmitted or on a public network for all nonpublic personal information stored on a laptop or other portable devices. She said New York’s encryption requirements are more specific, while continuing to be risk-based. New York requires a risk-based determination on what should be encrypted and that a chief information security officer review and approve any alternative compensating controls to ensure they are effective if the institution chooses not to use encryption.

Vullo said New York does not require institutions to specifically notify consumers in the event of a breach, but the rule does require institutions to have an incident-response plan that requires institutions to notify consumers as appropriate and notify regulators after a determination of a material event or breach.

“We’ve tried three times and we’re not there just yet, so this is a good regulation to consider,” Farmer said.

Comments on the working group’s latest draft and on the New York regulation are due to a drafting group headed by Rhode Island Insurance Superintendent Beth Dwyer April 17. A new revised draft is expected to be out the following week in advance of a May 9 conference call to discuss it. “Our focus is getting more narrow and more concise,” Farmer said, adding he hopes the committee might be able to take a vote on the next draft.

(By Thomas Harman, Washington Bureau manager, BestWeek:,


Checklist for Hiring a Contract CFO

Here are some additional things to consider before hiring a contract CFO:
– Hourly rate
– Are you paying for his or her commute to your office?
– What other costs will you have?
– Who will actually do the work?
– Will the work be done onsite, offsite, or both?
I would also consider insisting on a weekly hours cap in order to control your costs.

Raising Money for a Business Startup – Why You Should Raise Money

Why should you raise money for your startup instead of bootstrapping?

First, raising money addresses 2 of my 3 critical success factors for a business startup

– Not running out of cash

– Having at least one partner or co-founder

Raising capital forces you to put your plan in writing and clarify your thoughts so you can pitch someone else.  Most people will require some form of business plan.

When you find an investor, it also validates the business… There is s big difference between someone

saying that you a have a good startup and someone actually investing.

Is your business good enough for outsiders to put their money in it?

Investors can also be a great resource for introductions, advice, and assistance.

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Benefits of Using Online Backups

Early one Saturday morning, approximately 15 years ago, something happened that changed my life forever. I woke up early to get some work done. As I pulled my Dell laptop out of its carrying case, I caught my sleeve on the case and accidentally dropped my laptop approximately 6 inches. I did not think it was a big deal until I tried to boot my computer…nothing.  After several phone calls and a trip to a computer repair store I learned the unfortunate truth, my hard drive had crashed and everything on my laptop was permanently lost. Work documents, personal records, photos, and much more were gone forever.


Ever since that morning I have diligently backed up every electronic storage device I own on a regular basis. We’re currently living in what some people are describing as the ‘digital age’ as seemingly every part of modern society is governed by computers and technology. Modern technology has advanced hugely over the last decade or so, which many people believe is due to the invention of smart phones and smart devices. We can now browse the web on the move, we can do our banking online, we can transfer funds and pay for items with a few clicks of a few buttons, and we can even earn an honest living online. Computers have revolutionized and changed society forever, which is why so many people and businesses rely on them. Unfortunately, as with all things, occasionally they do not work as well as they should and sometimes they do not work at all. In instances like this, secure backup and file backup services are not only useful, they are vital. Whether you are working on an important report or saving family photos, a sudden computer crash or an unwanted virus can wreak havoc on your life for weeks.


Secure backup services however, allow you to save all of your important files and data and allow you to restore data that would have otherwise been lost forever. Because of this, online backup services are becoming hugely popular, in fact, these services have been hugely popular for as long as we can remember and come highly recommended. Here is a look at a few of the benefits and advantages of using an online backup company or service to help protect and restore data.


Online secure backup services offer you protection


The main benefit associated with live backup services is that they offer you protection or rather they offer protection to your files and data stored on your computer. Let’s face it; computers do sometimes go wrong, sometimes for no reason whatsoever. 99% of the time they’re fantastic, but if it suddenly decides to freeze, crash, or break in the middle of an extremely important business document that you have spent countless hours, days, weeks, or months working on, it’s safe to say that if the file didn’t save, you would probably have a few choice words to say on the matter. That’s where remote backup services come into the mix. These web backup companies and services offer you protection against technological computer-related malfunctions that would have otherwise completely wiped out all of your work. Sometimes technology itself isn’t to blame, but rather Mother Nature herself. All computers require a power source, and in times of extreme weather, we can sometimes lose power, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes several hours, and in extreme cases, even days. Again, these remote backup services protect and store your files and data safely, so you know that even if the worst does happen, all is not lost.


Online backups run silently in the background


Another great thing about offsite backup services is that once you subscribe to them you are done. You don’t need to worry about anything else. They constantly run silently in the background and store everything. That means that you don’t need to manually save the files yourself, as the offsite backup service will take care of all of that for you. These services also provide you with vital statistics relating to each backup. Each time the live backup does its thing you can view extensive reports about each backup provided, so you know exactly when each complete pc backup was made.


Online backups are ready to go at any time


Another great benefit of these services is that they allow you to restore data at any time whatsoever, from any location, all with a few clicks of a button. Most of these automatic backup services are able to deliver your data instantly, so you don’t have to wait around very long for the data you backed to be restored. You can use them at any time, and retrieve files, data, and folders from anywhere, all with a few simple clicks.


Online backups allow you to retrieve corrupted files and data


Whether you subscribe to a complete pc backup service or you use an Apple Mac and subscribe to an online backup Mac service, the great thing about is they allow you unlimited backup capabilities. This means you can retrieve corrupted data or files. Computers pick up viruses, which can sometimes lead to data and file corruption.  In addition, sometimes files simply save corruptly for no clear reason whatsoever. Normally the file or data would need to be permanently wiped from your hard drive, but secure backup services mean you can retrieve corrupted files or data individually, or in cases of extreme virus attacks, you can retrieve all the files and data that would have ordinarily been lost forever.


Online backup services are extremely affordable


Another great benefit of automatic backup services is the fact that they’re extremely affordable and cost effective. Users are only required to pay small subscription fees for their cloud storage subscription service, and will save a fair amount of money, as they will not have to worry about paying for remote backup servers and software. They’re also great for saving money on energy bills, because these web backup services do not require a dedicated backup server to be running 24/7 for protection, your energy usage will be reduced as a result.


Online backups offer you peace of mind


Finally, the last, and some would say the most important benefit of using live backup services, is that they offer you peace of mind as you can restore data at any time, from anytime. You needn’t worry about losing that large presentation for work or your precious family photos, since the remote backup will ensure that the file is stored safely.




Using an online, offsite backup company makes sense for most businesses and individuals.  Whether you are storing vital tax information, or simply preserving a childhood video, taking a few minutes to install a secure backup system today can save you a countless amount of time, money, and frustration in the future.


Online Backup System – $59 Per Year! – Order Today and Receive a FREE GIFT!

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  1. Easy to install and use
  2. Backups run automatically
  3. Backups are stored offsite (in the cloud)
  4. Backups are performed throughout the day (real-time)
  5. Backed-up information is easy to view and access via computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  6. Free customer support
  7. Affordable ($59 per year)

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LinkedIn Profile Writing System – LinkedIn Training and Sales System

LinkedIn, if used appropriately, can increase the revenue of a company. Social networking is often used as a simple, informal channel of communication; however, companies are now starting to realize that social networking is a powerful tool to promote a brand and increase sales.


LinkedIn Profile – Online Resume or Marketing Tool

LinkedIn was started in 2002 and officially launched on May 5, 2003. The company has become the world’s largest professional online network with over 135 million members in more than 200 countries. Many professionals join in LinkedIn groups, of which there are more than 2 million, so as to share knowledge and insights. As of November 2011, over 2 million companies had LinkedIn Company Pages.   There are 12 languages currently available on LinkedIn. These include: French, Germany, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, English, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Romanian and Turkish. This makes LinkedIn a global social network where companies can get professionals to work for them from any part of the world. Thus, companies can create professional LinkedIn pages and attract the most qualified candidates worldwide

What Works and How It Is Done

There is no doubt that many companies are using social business to promote their products/services. The latest reports have shown the following:

  • The percentage of companies expecting to use social media for promotional activities pertaining to their business will rise from 71 percent to 83 percent in the next two years.
  • The number of companies expecting to use social strategies to generate sales leads and revenue will increase drastically. Today, 51 percent of companies use social strategies to generate leads and revenue, while 74 percent are planning to get on board in the next two years.
  • Post-sales support is expected to increase from the current 46 percent to 69 percent in the next two years. Each company has at least one social sales system.


Sales System – The Best Marketing Tools for Acquiring New Customers

Every company wants to apply the best marketing tools available to acquire new customers. A study was conducted to establish some of these tools. 62 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) were asked to give their views on the best marketing tools that worked for them and the ones that didn’t work. The following results were recorded:   What NOT to use From the SME’s responses, the following tools were not recommended as a means of attracting new customers:

  • Call centers
  • Price cuts
  • Cold calling

The top three marketing tools that work The following are the three tools that were named to be the best for marketing, especially when looking for new customers:

  • Face to face networking: 84% of companies stated that face to face networking worked for them and would always use it when searching for new customers.
  • Partners and referrals: 80% of individuals and companies rated partners and referrals as “Good”, or “Very Good”.
  • Content: 76% of the people interviewed stated that creating and distributing compelling content in various forms helped them to acquire new customers.

From this information, it is clear that a combination of approaches if the best way to target your customer. The author recommends the following approach for obtaining new customers:

  • Use LinkedIn to identity potential customers.
  • Delivering appropriate content to the potential customers through various marketing tools.
  • Getting face to face meetings with potential customers.
  • Delivering better products and services in order to get more referrals and partners.


LinkedIn Profile Writing System – Why Everyone Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

  • It’s a way of getting your profile online. Your profile looks professional and is very easy to update. Some commentators see the LinkedIn profile as a replacement for the traditional CV. It will ensure that people find you on the web, as Google loves it. For those who already have an online presence, it can improve your ratings and increase the chances of you being found.
  • It gives more information than a traditional CV. It shows the extent of your network and recommendations from others, plus easy links to other online information that backs up your case.
  • It makes networking easy. As one independent consultant said: “it’s like they are making the networking aspect of freelancing too easy to fail.” It’s a useful database of your contacts that is easy to grow. It builds a professional community and reminds you of whom you know.
  • It gives you permission to keep in contact. If someone accepts your invitation to join your network, they are giving you permission to keep in touch. Using LinkedIn to keep in contact is a more personal and less intrusive method than email. It is a form of permission marketing; you can easily remove connections too.


Grow Your Network – Sarnoff’s Law

Undoubtedly, there is a direct relationship between the number of customers a company has and the volume of sales that the company makes. If a company has many customers, then it is like that their sales volume is higher. Sarnoff’s Law is attributed to David Sarnoff. David was an American businessman and pioneer of American commercial radio and television network. He was the founder of National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Sarnoff’s Law was created to relate the value of a radio station to the number of listeners. This law is of the view that network value is directly proportional to the number of listeners on that particular network. From a social network perspective, this theory simply implies that the more people are connected to a brand through social network, the more the effect in terms of brand awareness.


Accelerate Your Sales Cycle – How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

The truth is that a LinkedIn profile can be used to generate leads. Therefore, LinkedIn training such as profile writing should be taken serious. For you to benefit from LinkedIn as a tool to generate leads, you should understand the following social media attractions and distractions. Social media attractions

  • Making money
  • Gaining market share
  • Retaining customers
  • Building visibility

Social media distractions:

  • Fun and games
  • Friends and family
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Unrelated activities

You can use LinkedIn for both direct and indirect marketing campaigns by finding prospects via LinkedIn, but you need to build a relationship with the prospect first. The success of this approach will depend on your ability to connect with the prospect on a personal level, your ability to leverage mutual connections, and the strength of your value proposition.


Simplify Your Social Marketing Activities – How You Can Build a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

There are numerous ways to build an effective LinkedIn marketing campaign.  Below is a process you can use to build one yourself:

  • Plan: It entails identifying your marketing objectives and outcome for LinkedIn, designing your client profile, and creating a compelling LinkedIn profile.
  • Connect: It entails segmenting your contacts, identifying the best search criteria, and building your sales system of targeted leads.
  • Profit: It entails building a relationship with your clients, promoting your call to action, and systemizing and replicating the process.


Conclusion – LinkedIn Training and Sales System

Social media is an effective tool for promoting an organization by improving brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales. For this to be achieved, your sales team needs to have well-written LinkedIn profiles, a large network of relevant connections, and good content to distribute to potential clients.


About Rencat

Rencat is a digital marketing company that specializes in helping organizations use LinkedIn to increase sales.  Our LinkedIn training and sales system grows your referral base, accelerates your sales cycle, and simplifies your social marketing activities.

  • Grow your referral base by connecting with more prospects.
  • Accelerate your sales cycle by interacting with prospects that have common connections and interests.
  • Simplify your social marketing activities by using our proven services, resources, and processes.

Rencat’s services include:

  • LinkedIn Profile Analysis – Learn how to attract the people and companies that will benefit you the most using your LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement – Engage our team of professional writers in order to create the LinkedIn profile that is right for you.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Campaign – Leverage our services and resources to create a social marketing campaign that produces results.



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  • The Business Of Social Business – What Works And How It’s Done – IBM
  • Which Are The Best Marketing Tools For Acquiring New Customers? – Malcolm Wicks
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  • Sarnoff’s Law – David Sarnoff
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  • Business Accelerator Program –


Shen Yun, Work of Art or Weapon Against Communism?

Is Shen Yun’s business model the wave of the future for exposing political unrest?  Shen Yun, one of the most amazing shows of our times, combines 5,000 years of Chinese history with song and dance.  However, the show is not permitted to be shown in China because of the artists depiction of Chinese politics.  Is Shen Yun a work of art, or a carefully designed weapon against communism?

George Sawyer, self-proclaimed esoteric Taoist and responsible hedonist, commented

“Shen Yun seems to be part of the propaganda arm of Falun Gong / Falun Dafa, a religious group that openly and publicly challenged the political power of the Chinese government and has paid a terrible price.

Falun Gong seems to have quite a reputation as a cult, and has received lots of terrible press.  They are being persecuted by the Chinese Government. While Falun Gong says it’s about religion, it seems to me to be about politics.  Their Wikipedia page – Falun Gong – seems quite neutral, and side-steps the “cult” issue.  The best English language account I’ve found of their dispute with the Chinese government is David Palmer’s book, “Qigong Fever: Body, Science and Utopia in China”

Here is a snippet from an articles about recent performances

Shen Yun at Lincoln Center: Truth on Falun Gong

…. If Shen Yun is a good representation of classical Chinese dance and  historical costumes then female representation is on the VERY demure  side. All the dancers wore floor length skirts and high necks and  sleeves. I don’t think I saw one thigh or chest. Sex appeal there were  none. Artistry yes. But then the show took an unexpected turn. Suddenly  there was this heavy-handed spiritual preaching about the religious  group Falun Dafa and how to achieve salvation and truth through the  Dafa. On top of the terrible lyrical translation projected on the screen  about this new religious movement in China (founded in 1992), there  were quite a few skits reacting the persecution of Falun followers in  China by the government – represented by dancers wearing all black with a  bright red sickle and hammer emblem on their backs.

The reviewer goes on to say that except for the “preachy parts ” the performance was enjoyable.

Based on the experiences of friends with Falun Dafa and based on what I’ve read, especially from the qigong community, I steer clear of them.”

On a much lighter note, here are my comments about the show,

7 Keys to now When Raising Joint Venture Equity

Finding Joint Venture Equity has always been one of the most difficult things to do. To help you along with this process, we thought we would share an article that was written by one of our strategic partners.

Article by, Brent Virkus of Find the Capital

Look we all know raising joint venture equity is not easy. This is actually a good thing. Because if it were easy, everyone would raise capital and start a business, buy commercial real estate as an investment, etc. Competition would be ferocious.

For this article, I’m going to focus on raising joint venture equity for your business. So to better help you with this process I’ve put together the 7 things you must know to raise joint venture equity today.


First…and Most Importantly Have “Thick Skin”

When raising joint venture capital, be prepared for a lot of “no’s.” Using my Google example, even when Google was ready for venture capital, the majority of venture capitalist said “no.”

When an joint venture capital says “no,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that your venture is not a good one. It simply means that the venture is not a good investment fit for them. You must have “thick skin” and be able to bounce back from lots of “no’s” and persevere.

When failing over and over again to create the light bulb, Thomas Edison famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Have the same mentality with investors. That is, think, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 100 investors that aren’t a good fit.”


Second…Make Sure you do a Business Plan and Keep it Current

One of the most important things to show in your business plan is what you’ve accomplished in your business to date. And ideally, every month you are accomplishing more. So, be sure to update your plan with this progress.


Third…Always be a Master Marketer of your Deal

In raising money, the best company doesn’t always win. Rather, the guy that knows how to best market his opportunity wins. That is, the entrepreneurs that are best able to market their companies to lenders and investors are the ones who raise the money.


Fourth…Understand That Funding Doesn’t Take Place All At Once

No matter how great your project or idea is, you are probably not going to get a $20 million check right away. Rather, you will typically raise several “rounds” of capital.

You start with a smaller round or amount of funding. Then, as your business grows, you are eligible for larger rounds of funding. This is because your business proves itself over time and your valuation rises as you grow. This enables you to you to raise larger sums of money.


Fifth…Choose the Proper Source(s) of Capital Funding

Choosing the right source of funding is the key to Find the Capital’s success at raising joint venture equity. Some forms of funding are much easier to raise than others. And based on your stage of development, different forms of funding are more relevant.

To be specific, the funding sources available to a pre-revenue startup are very different than the sources available to a 3-year old company generating $1 million in annual revenues. For example: Google initially failed when it tried to raise money from venture capitalists. The key is to go after the right sources of funding at the right time.


Sixth…Build your Joint Venture Capital Source Relationships Early

The bottom line is the perfect entrepreneur/joint venture relationship is one where each has established respect and trust with the other well before an investment transaction is broached.”

The key is to build these relationships early. So, even if you don’t qualify for a $5 million round of joint venture capital today, start meeting with capital sources so they are more familiar with you when you do qualify a year from now.


Seventh…Don’t be Afraid to Change

While you must have “thick skin,” that doesn’t mean to be foolishly stubborn. What I mean by this is that if you hear the same feedback from capital sources over and over again, you shouldn’t ignore it. Rather, you should adapt.

For example, if several prospective investors tell you they want to see a sample of your product or service before considering funding you, do what they asked for and create it for them. Don’t just plow forward with contacting more and more investors in this case.

By adapting to the needs of joint venture equity partners, particularly when you hear the same feedback multiple times, you can make the requisite changes to raise the money you need.


How Remote Business Consulting is Changing Business


I own a car.

In fact, I own two. But I don’t tinker with my own vehicles. Mostly because I can’t afford the tools, the time or the brain-power to know what is needed across two Makes and Models. Not only that, but I am so used to my own vehicles, and the way they run, that I overlook glaring issues any new observer might easily recognize.

That is why I take my cars to a mechanic.  

Now, you probably think that everything is running smoothly in your small business. You might be right. But even a well-oiled machine still needs a mechanic to run diagnostics, check levels and red line it for good measure. After all: how do you know that you’re headed in the right direction for the fiscal report? And are you sure the Six Sigma launch you had that potluck around has really made a difference? No matter how well you think you’re doing: you need a check-up.

That is why you need a business consultant.

Business Consulting is like car maintenance. For over ten years business consulting has been a staple in any company worth its weight. The Consultant is your mechanic. There to fix and prevent process issues. But more than that: they should make you more money. A good mechan—er, consultant will bring changes that translate into a fatter bottom line… But don’t go hiring any old Schmuck in a suit. Read on.

Despite a good run since ‘03, there was a plateau in business consulting about 4 years ago, mostly due to costs and office politics (It seems businesses don’t like tinkering on themselves). Internal consultants and managers are too close to the problems to effect real change. This produced lack-luster results, causing business consulting to level out in 2009 (along with everyone’s 401k…) when companies were scrutinizing every penny.

Another thing that makes having an internal business consultant a gamble is that there is no way to quantify their profitability. Another person on payroll can easily get lost in the shuffle come payday. Not to mention: certain companies were nothing but consultants. And we all know how that crooked E made everyone a little wiser if not a little more fearful.

By now you’re probably saying: “but I thought you said business consulting was a good thing?!” And it is. Only; not in the form it has been in the past. After 2009 internal consultants thinned out. But the ever-present need for checking under the hood brought the next wave in consulting: The Remote Business Consultant.

Having a remote business consultant is like having a dealership mechanic come to your garage.

The consultant from outside can see things that you and your team can’t. He or she is above the cultural radar; so corporate politics and office issues won’t skew the results of their work. A remote consultant can bring change management assistance, they can better implement new technology, bring a host of new methodologies and a fresh perspective all to help your business become more efficient and profitable. And best of all: as with most contractors you can tell where they have earned their keep.

If you want to learn more about business consulting or get your engine checked out; go to


Article by, CFO Service

You are an entrepreneur; a forward-thinker. A doer. You own a company. It might be small, but it’s growing. You are doing great, right? But could you be doing better? If you are the owner of a small or mid-size company and you aren’t using CFO services, you are probably missing out on ways to grow your business faster and make even MORE money.


CFO services are financial management activities that enhance performance, facilitate growth, and improve profitability.  Specific CFO services include strategic planning, financing, forecasting, risk management, etc. These services are typically performed by a CPA with significant industry experience.


CPAs are NOT CFOs and they are usually only telling you where your money is going; not how to grow your business or make more money. You typically use a CPA to create financial statements, prepare tax returns, and a host of other valuable services. They are crucial to a well-run business but they are typically not going to grow your business or help you make more money.


Your attorney’s main job is to make sure you don’t break any laws or get sued. Most attorneys are NOT going to tell you how to expand, grow, or further monetize your business. Do you need an attorney? Of course. No one wants to make crucial legal mistakes. But an attorney doesn’t take the place of a CFO.

CPAs and attorneys are both – generally – conservative. It’s likely neither will actually TELL you how to make money.


The answer to this question isn’t a one-size fits all. Some businesses need CFOs early in the game and others can wait.  The real question is are you growing fast enough and making enough money?  If the answer is no, a CFO is probably the solution.  But for most small businesses, when you are ready for a CFO, there might not be money to hire someone full-time. So how do you have a CFO but not pay out the nose?

There are a number of companies that specialize in CFO Services (see These companies pair financial experts with business owners in need of financial and accounting help. If you need more expertise – if you need a CFO – you can typically have one at your fingertips for a low monthly fee.


Article by Business Coaches,

Did you know that your business coach could be leading you astray without you even realizing it? That’s OK, it happens — but here are the top *4 Warning Signs Your Business Coach Is Leading You Into Disaster* so you can break the pattern before it gets worse:

1. You’ve teamed up with a drama queen.

Not everything is a reason to “sound the alarm, the ship is sinking!” You need a cheerleader _without_ all the drama. Consulting jobs were created to match small business owners with someone who could offer expertise on growing the business; coaching jobs match the small business owner with someone to help maintain focus and provide purpose. If your business coach is turning every situation into a three-ring circus, you may be getting distracted from growing your business as much as you could be — and paying for services you don’t need.

2. You’re getting billed up the wazoo.

If you find you’re receiving too-frequent bills from your business coach, it may be time to say good-bye. Sure, you’re going to have bills because you _are_ getting a service — but those bills shouldn’t be trumped-up charges because of all the exaggerated situations your melodramatic coach just HAD to rush in and solve. Accounting jobs are about maximizing your monetary potential and saving you from making costly mistakes – NOT putting out the flames of a dying fire. Make sure you aren’t getting billed for things you can do yourself. Unless…

3. Your coach is the jelly to your peanut butter.

Meaning, your business coach has trained you to think you NEED him or her to survive. Sure, your coach makes things a bit better for you, but just like a peanut butter sandwich is good by itself sometimes, so are you! When you have a business, accounting jobs are vital. But if your business coach is leading you into a co-dependent relationship, it’s time to reevaluate things…or run away.

4. You feel like you’re lying on the couch while talking to your coach.

Sometimes, having a business coach is like going to a therapist. You discuss your issues and determine what your roadblocks are and how to get around them. But if you spend too much time with your business coach wailing on the couch, you’re getting the short end of the stick. You’re paying for a business coach and consulting jobs shouldn’t cost you what it would to sit on the couch at your shrink’s office. Don’t waste your money.

Time for a new coach

For additional tips finding a new business coach and other accounting jobs and consulting jobs,