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“I think our core values play a big part in differentiating us from our competition. It’s one thing to just say that we strive to hit all of our values, but I think we actually implement each and every one of them with every client we work with. To me, I think the over-communication is one of the more important core values. I think we make it a high priority to let our clients know exactly what is going on and updating them on any unforeseen setbacks. I would also say our work culture has a big impact on the work we deliver to clients. I feel like there is such a good, upbeat rapport in the office, and I know it makes me enjoy being here. Being in a place with a good environment and good attitudes makes even the most tedious jobs seem reasonable.”

Carrie Aurand, Consultant
Dynamic Advisory Solutions

“I have learned more in the last month at DAS than I did in the last three and a half years at previous jobs.”

Monica McClain, Consultant
Dynamic Advisory Solutions


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