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NAIC Cybersecurity Panel Asked to Consider Using New York Rule After Draft Fails to Gain Consensus

DENVER – After three attempts at developing an insurance data security model act that failed to gain consensus, the chairman of a National Association of Insurance Commissioners panel said he’s listening to all suggestions — including New York’s new cybersecurity rule. New York insurance Superintendent Maria Vullo, speaking at the NAIC’s Spring National Meeting, asked(…)

Raising Money for a Business Startup – Why You Should Raise Money

Why should you raise money for your startup instead of bootstrapping? First, raising money addresses 2 of my 3 critical success factors for a business startup – Not running out of cash – Having at least one partner or co-founder Raising capital forces you to put your plan in writing and clarify your thoughts so(…)

Benefits of Using Online Backups

Early one Saturday morning, approximately 15 years ago, something happened that changed my life forever. I woke up early to get some work done. As I pulled my Dell laptop out of its carrying case, I caught my sleeve on the case and accidentally dropped my laptop approximately 6 inches. I did not think it(…)

LinkedIn Profile Writing System – LinkedIn Training and Sales System

LinkedIn, if used appropriately, can increase the revenue of a company. Social networking is often used as a simple, informal channel of communication; however, companies are now starting to realize that social networking is a powerful tool to promote a brand and increase sales.   LinkedIn Profile – Online Resume or Marketing Tool LinkedIn was(…)

Shen Yun, Work of Art or Weapon Against Communism?

Is Shen Yun’s business model the wave of the future for exposing political unrest?  Shen Yun, one of the most amazing shows of our times, combines 5,000 years of Chinese history with song and dance.  However, the show is not permitted to be shown in China because of the artists depiction of Chinese politics.  Is(…)