Benefits of Using Online Backups

Early one Saturday morning, approximately 15 years ago, something happened that changed my life forever. I woke up early to get some work done. As I pulled my Dell laptop out of its carrying case, I caught my sleeve on the case and accidentally dropped my laptop approximately 6 inches. I did not think it was a big deal until I tried to boot my computer…nothing.  After several phone calls and a trip to a computer repair store I learned the unfortunate truth, my hard drive had crashed and everything on my laptop was permanently lost. Work documents, personal records, photos, and much more were gone forever.


Ever since that morning I have diligently backed up every electronic storage device I own on a regular basis. We’re currently living in what some people are describing as the ‘digital age’ as seemingly every part of modern society is governed by computers and technology. Modern technology has advanced hugely over the last decade or so, which many people believe is due to the invention of smart phones and smart devices. We can now browse the web on the move, we can do our banking online, we can transfer funds and pay for items with a few clicks of a few buttons, and we can even earn an honest living online. Computers have revolutionized and changed society forever, which is why so many people and businesses rely on them. Unfortunately, as with all things, occasionally they do not work as well as they should and sometimes they do not work at all. In instances like this, secure backup and file backup services are not only useful, they are vital. Whether you are working on an important report or saving family photos, a sudden computer crash or an unwanted virus can wreak havoc on your life for weeks.


Secure backup services however, allow you to save all of your important files and data and allow you to restore data that would have otherwise been lost forever. Because of this, online backup services are becoming hugely popular, in fact, these services have been hugely popular for as long as we can remember and come highly recommended. Here is a look at a few of the benefits and advantages of using an online backup company or service to help protect and restore data.


Online secure backup services offer you protection


The main benefit associated with live backup services is that they offer you protection or rather they offer protection to your files and data stored on your computer. Let’s face it; computers do sometimes go wrong, sometimes for no reason whatsoever. 99% of the time they’re fantastic, but if it suddenly decides to freeze, crash, or break in the middle of an extremely important business document that you have spent countless hours, days, weeks, or months working on, it’s safe to say that if the file didn’t save, you would probably have a few choice words to say on the matter. That’s where remote backup services come into the mix. These web backup companies and services offer you protection against technological computer-related malfunctions that would have otherwise completely wiped out all of your work. Sometimes technology itself isn’t to blame, but rather Mother Nature herself. All computers require a power source, and in times of extreme weather, we can sometimes lose power, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes several hours, and in extreme cases, even days. Again, these remote backup services protect and store your files and data safely, so you know that even if the worst does happen, all is not lost.


Online backups run silently in the background


Another great thing about offsite backup services is that once you subscribe to them you are done. You don’t need to worry about anything else. They constantly run silently in the background and store everything. That means that you don’t need to manually save the files yourself, as the offsite backup service will take care of all of that for you. These services also provide you with vital statistics relating to each backup. Each time the live backup does its thing you can view extensive reports about each backup provided, so you know exactly when each complete pc backup was made.


Online backups are ready to go at any time


Another great benefit of these services is that they allow you to restore data at any time whatsoever, from any location, all with a few clicks of a button. Most of these automatic backup services are able to deliver your data instantly, so you don’t have to wait around very long for the data you backed to be restored. You can use them at any time, and retrieve files, data, and folders from anywhere, all with a few simple clicks.


Online backups allow you to retrieve corrupted files and data


Whether you subscribe to a complete pc backup service or you use an Apple Mac and subscribe to an online backup Mac service, the great thing about is they allow you unlimited backup capabilities. This means you can retrieve corrupted data or files. Computers pick up viruses, which can sometimes lead to data and file corruption.  In addition, sometimes files simply save corruptly for no clear reason whatsoever. Normally the file or data would need to be permanently wiped from your hard drive, but secure backup services mean you can retrieve corrupted files or data individually, or in cases of extreme virus attacks, you can retrieve all the files and data that would have ordinarily been lost forever.


Online backup services are extremely affordable


Another great benefit of automatic backup services is the fact that they’re extremely affordable and cost effective. Users are only required to pay small subscription fees for their cloud storage subscription service, and will save a fair amount of money, as they will not have to worry about paying for remote backup servers and software. They’re also great for saving money on energy bills, because these web backup services do not require a dedicated backup server to be running 24/7 for protection, your energy usage will be reduced as a result.


Online backups offer you peace of mind


Finally, the last, and some would say the most important benefit of using live backup services, is that they offer you peace of mind as you can restore data at any time, from anytime. You needn’t worry about losing that large presentation for work or your precious family photos, since the remote backup will ensure that the file is stored safely.




Using an online, offsite backup company makes sense for most businesses and individuals.  Whether you are storing vital tax information, or simply preserving a childhood video, taking a few minutes to install a secure backup system today can save you a countless amount of time, money, and frustration in the future.


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