Automotive accounting – find your automotive CFO or automotive CPA

Automotive accounting requires a trained auto CPA and automotive CFO.  Specific automotive accounting software may also be required.  Let DAS help with a qualified automotive accountant or automotive CPA.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a cycle of change and growth like no other sector.

Whether your company provides components, manufactures vehicles or is focused on delivering green technologies to automotive manufacturers, the current business environment mandates an expanding need for expert financial management and sound business guidance to help your company navigate its way to success in the international marketplace.

The daily demand for mergers and acquisitions (M & A), risk management, forecasting, inventory and operational expertise is intense, and DAS outsourced CFOs and CFO support staff can help your firm meet these requirements.

Around the globe, the ultimate goal for the businesses that comprise the automotive industry is to move from solvency to profitability, ensure their financial stability, and provide for future growth.  DAS financial tools include top line financial executives and CFOs, CFO support staff, training programs and a team of consultants to help you put the right formula in place and create a powerful package designed to drive your business’ future profitability and success.